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This is the place where we tell you how to to do what you can do, how we do what we do and what you can expect. My friend Jim will be along presently. He will explain all.

This is the bit that Jim will expand.


The purpose of this site is to enable shoppers to save money by providing price information. You can save money by buying products when or where they are cheap. We know the prices of all products stocked online at the UK's supermarkets, both current and historical. You can find out how good, or bad, a promotional deal is. You can use the search bar to find the prices of any product stocked online at the supermarkets we cover. The power of the site comes into its own when you set up your own shopping list. There is a basic demonstration video here We can show you where to get the best prices for all the items on your list and show you how one supermarket compares to another.

Getting Started

If you have signed up and are signed in, you can build your own shopping list.
You can add items to your shopping list either by clicking the on the search page or the Change button on the My Shopping page. Clicking will add what you have just searched for to your list. The Change button allows you to use edit functions like cut and paste.

Not all supermarkets stock all products. If you want to hide the not found items, just click on hide in the description column. To show only those items with green lights, click on hide above the lights column


Clicking on one of the supermarket icons at the top of the page will check your shopping list or the current search results against that supermarket. Clicking an icon a second time will toggle back to the full search results.

You can view you shopping list on the My Shopping page and you can also change it buy clicking on the change button.

The Shelf price is the amount it costs to buy this product. The Unit price is the shelf price expressed per Kg/L/Ea etc. It is the measure we use to compare prices. For example, we rank 20 dishwasher tablets at £3 above 10 at £2. The Best price is the cheapest current unit price for this item, anywhere. All prices are already adjusted for any offers and may involve multibuys.

I am near Tesco, is there anything I should buy?

Go to My Shopping and click on . This shows the best prices for items on your list at Tesco. To show only those items with one more green lights, click on hide above the lights column. To revert to showing all results from your shopping list, click show.

What should I put on my Ocado order?

Go to My Shopping and click on . This shows the best prices for items on your list at Ocado. Maybe order more of an item with green lights and less of those without

Search Tips and Tricks

We match exact whole words, the product unit can be used too. word e.g. heinz Kg will ensure that only products with both heinz and Kg are included.
To exclude a word, you use a - e.g. kelloggs cornflakes -crunchy will exclude any results that have the word, or a word containing, crunchy.
To treat separate words as one chunk, you can use double quotes. e.g quaker "so simple"


* Good. Not too far from the best price.
* * Better. Close to the best price we have seen for this product.
* * *       Best. The best price we have seen for this product for months or even ever.
Inspect.      Lets you look at the search results.
Add. Adds the current search to your shopping list.